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Why wedding morning schedules are essential for the big day!

Updated: May 20

We know how stressful weddings can be; what venue do we choose, who will my bridesmaids be, what dress should I rock, who do I want at the wedding, and how do I tell Aunt Marie that she can't have more than two drinks at the reception... again.

It feels like you are the director of your own movie, feeling the need to control all moving parts otherwise it will all fall apart.


We're here to tell you that there is one element of your wedding that you would actually benefit from doing a little delegation. No, we're not putting Aunt Marie in charge of drinks, what we are doing though is giving the schedule responsibility to your hair and makeup artist.

One thing that Brides do not necessarily consider in amongst all the planning and formulating is the schedule for beautifying their bridal party and themselves. Then that panic strikes the day before and they realise that a plan hasn't been put in place!

You don't need to. Let us do it, and we're going to tell you why.

1) Everyone knows where they need to be at the allocated time.

We are the experts at knowing how long hair and beauty treatments take to complete, especially taking into consideration any special requests you may make and the difficulty of the style. Therefore we can confidently create a 'running order' for the morning in order to put the glow into the bridal party.

In amongst all of the dressing, undressing, last minute checks and cheeky glasses of Prosecco (definitely not Aunt Marie) it is good for all party members to know when it is their 'turn'. It relieves the stress of the occasion, the questions of "Are we going to have enough time?"and any confusion as to who is seen to when. It also acts to ensure that your bridal party knows when they need to be available for, so no excuses ladies!

2) To give an idea of how the morning will flow.

Similarly, this method also can allow the Bride and their team to know how the day will unfold. This schedule will be provided in advance so that all can become informed. This then allows you to have a conversation in advance; Becky is first so she needs to make sure she sets her alarm clock (correctly, this time!) the mother of the bride is next so that she can then concentrate on calming the Bride down, Hannah is next because she 'never' arrives early for anything, and then the Bride gets the full attention at the end.

3) To allow an hour for photos and registrar meeting

This is an area that tends to get forgotten about, and it is a crying shame to miss such a wonderful opportunity to capture your magnificence before you walk down the aisle. Remember, the day can fly past in a moment, and so it is only right that time is spent to allow those precious memories to be photographed. There are so many talented wedding photographers, this is their moment to bring out your shine.

The schedule can also incorporate your time meeting the registrar, something that you may possibly had not even begun to think about. As we mentioned before, the flow of the day is important, and giving that responsibility to someone else allows that essence to be harnessed.

Enjoy it, and let someone else make the decisions!

Ellie x

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