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Why rich colours are so flattering!

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Admit it, you adore the twinkly lights, the hot chocolate and snuggling under a warm blanket, but this time of year can also be a little... downbeat.

The dark mornings, the early nights and the miserable weather. Not forgetting the distant memories of days at the beach or sipping a sunset cocktail on a late Summer's evening.

Just because the British weather is washed out and grey doesn't mean your makeup has up be too. After all, you want to make a positive impression throughout the year, not just for a Summer soirée.

It can be a challenging time of year to select the right shades and makeup to compliment the environment. Let me help you make a statement. Here are my top tips to level up your makeup during the Winter months:

Go big and bold

To counteract the lack of daylight and natural vibrancy, my recommendation is for you to use RICH colours, especially when choosing the perfect lipstick. Not only is this a popular makeup trend, but it allows you to stand out positively without being over the top. Not only that, rich colours really do give a statement in the makeup and some much needed pop to the face.

Maximise your natural shades!

So now that you know that rich tones area a must for the Winter makeup regime, where do you start? With so many options out there it can truly feel like a puzzle to know where to begin. My top tip is to work with the beauty that you already possess. Tones that work are ones that match your natural lip colour already, as they will compliment the pigmentation of your lips. You have that colour for a reason, girl, make the most of it! However, if you are feeling more comfortable and adventurous, try to go a few shades darker to really give that standout punch to the look. Whilst this might be too much of a pop in the Summer, the coldness and grey of Winter allows for this richness to shine through.

Appreciating your natural colour means that you have an excellent starting point. This means you can now experiment with colours by applying it to the lips. Some of my personal favourite are....

Not too much

Whilst I highly recommend you experiment with colours and shades to see what works for you, there are still areas that will have the opposite effect of what you're looking for. Your makeup should compliment you, not bring you down.

My first no-no would be neon colours. Yes, Stranger Things is very popular and everyone loves the 80's, but if you're looking for colours that work for you at this time of year then we will need to fast forward a few decades. Not only do neon colours work for a smaller percentage of face shapes and times, they more often than not clash with people's natural colouring. Yes, it can be deemed as 'daring' but neon is not flattering if you are wanting to add it to your everyday makeup. As much as we don't want to admit it, we can't all be Cyndi Lauper.

At the other end of the vibrancy spectrum, pale colours are not advisable as they will wash the face out and not add any warmth. Subtle pale colours may be a safe option, but they will get lost with lack of natural light. At this time of year it is sometimes worth being slightly braver to achieve the look you want. Pale pinks and reds work wonders during alternative seasons, so no need to throw them away. Simply put them into hibernation for now, along with the maxi dresses and swimsuits. You'll need them again soon enough!

So there we have it, a few tips that should help you find the path that leads you to Winter Wonderland for your makeup.

Having trouble finding the right colour for your complexion? Feel free to get in touch to see what bespoke colour works for you!

I also offer one-to-one makeup lessons for a more bespoke and personalised experience. Click on the link below to find out more.

Ellie x

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