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Should I wear a veil on my wedding day?

Veils: yes or no? Well, why not? You only have one occasion to wear a veil, and that’s on your wedding day!

Although not every bride decides to wear a veil, they are an item that has been worn through the ages as a traditional wedding staple. Veils are something that defines the final look and I’ve gathered the best ways to wear one to work with your final wedding hair look.

There are so many choices of veil: cathedral, chapel, birdcage...but you need to consider how it will work with your dress, face shape, body shape, hairstyle and wedding location.

Few things are more exciting than choosing your beautiful bridal gown and wedding accessories for your wedding day. A veil is the final touch to your whole bridal ensemble, and ensures a beautiful look no matter which one you choose.

Here are my reasons why wearing a veil on your wedding day can be such a great idea!

Create different looks

Most veils can be worn in so many different ways. Equally, they can create completely different looks throughout the wedding day. A long veil can be beautifully spread across a romantic braid during the day and then pulled together to create a cluster effect later at the wedding dinner. There are plenty of options, the choice is yours.

You can wear a headpiece with a veil

Some brides worry that they’ll need to make a choice between a veil or a jewelled headpiece. Actually though, wearing a veil with a headpiece is more common than you think and there is no reason that you can't do this on your wedding day. It's just a matter of figuring out what headwear design will complement the veil and vice versa, and then figuring out how to attach everything together.

Pass it on

You can keep your beautiful wedding veil tucked away, and pass it down to generations ahead. Your memories of your special day will be shared with your family members in the most unique way.

Are you inspired to wear a veil for your wedding day? Get in touch today to see how I can create your wedding look.

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