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My kit set up and work space as a Hair & Makeup Artist

As your artist, my kit and workspace are essential for creating stunning looks for you on your special day!

On the day of your wedding - I will thank you for natural lighting in the room you are getting ready in. This clear, soft light ensures that all products applied are blended correctly with no discolouration or harsh lines. You will always find me working next to a window! See for yourself below. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Be easily accessible and enough space - you maybe in for a surpirse with the amount of kit that I bring on the day with me. I want to ensure that I have everything that I need on the morning and having accessible safe space is a must for me. Not having this in place may delay with timings on the morning.

Ensuring my tools and equipment are cleaned and organised: Hygiene is crucial in the hair and makeup industry. Keeping my products and tools clean and sanitised at all times I ensure this is done after every booking. I use disposable applicators, such as mascara wands, lip brushes, and cotton buds to avoid cross-contamination. I keep my kit organized with clear labelled containers, dividers, or pouches to separate different types of products and tools for easy access at all times.

Creating a Well-Equipped Workspace: My workspace will always be well-equipped with all the tools and equipment I need to create hair and makeup looks. Having a spacious table or countertop to lay out provided on the day is very beneficial on the morning itself. Its always helpful having a full-length mirror nearby for clients to see their finished looks.

In conclusion, setting up my hair and makeup kit and workspace is crucial. A well-organised, clean, and equipped setup allows me to work more professionally, efficiently, and creatively. For all my fellow hair and makeup artists, follow these tips to create a functional and inspiring hair and makeup kit setup and workspace that will elevate your hair and makeup artistry to the next level.

Happy styling! x

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