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Be my Valentine - how to achieve the most kissable lips for Valentine's Day

Updated: May 20

With Valentines day only being round the corner - here are some top tips helping keep your lips soft, moisturized, and healthy!

Hydration: Drinking plenty of water helps keep your body hydrated, which is essential for keeping your lips moisturized. It’s so easy to let this slide when you’re busy, setting a reminder on your phone can seriously help you to replenish lost moisture from your lips (and give the rest of your body a boost, too!)

Lip balm: Using a lip balm with moisturizing ingredients like petroleum jelly, beeswax, or shea butter can help protect your lips from dryness and cracking. Apply lip balm regularly, especially before bedtime. A little Carmex never hurts!

Exfoliation: Gently exfoliating your lips with a soft-bristled toothbrush or a lip scrub can help remove dead skin cells and promote new cell growth. It’s not nice when you have dry, chapped lips. Not only can it be sore, makeup can sit unevenly on dry skin and colours can bleed. This can be especially bad news when you want to wear a bold lip colour that needs a fine, careful hand topping up. Using an exfoliating scrub can be the best way to gently get rid of chapped lips and give you a perfect pout. You can either make your own (a sugar, honey and vanilla extract mix works really well!) or buy one. I personally love Magic Lip Scrub by Charlotte Tilbury to help prep and prime.

Protection: Protect your lips from harsh environmental factors like wind and sun by using a lip balm with SPF.

Avoid harsh products: Products that contain alcohol or fragrances can be drying, so avoid using these on your lips.

By following these tips, you can help keep your lips healthy and looking their best. Remember to treat them with care and nourish them regularly for soft, kissable lips.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and I wish you a lovely, joyful Valentine’s Day! Mwah!

Ellie x

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